Brimstone Bone Fob

Starting with simply a length of solid silver wire, the Brimstone Jewellery Bone Fob chain is completely hand fabricated using the centuries old classic jewellers technique.

The wire is hand wrapped into a measured coil, and then sawn into circular links. Each link then pieced together, soldered closed, shaped into an oval, and hand polished.

One hundred and forty cathartic links of solid silver and labour later, I give you the Brimstone Fob Chain - Finished with a heavy 'O' hoop and the classic Brimstone Bone as the fob.

I prefer to hand make these specific to your personal size, so upon purchasing will contact you to confirm your personal preferred length.

Head to Brimstone Jewellery's instagram stories to see a step by step video story on the work-woman-ship which goes into this heavy keepsake piece.

Made in Solid Sterling Silver, this piece can also be specially made in 9ct Yellow Gold as a custom order using the contact form.

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NZD $299.00