Discovering more planet-friendly ways to produce jewellery is a pursuit worth the effort.

At Brimstone Jewellery I take responsibility to provide the information to my clients about all aspects of their purchase. I make a promise to you that your personally made piece of Brimstone Jewellery is made using recycled or ethically sourced metals.

To summarise, I give a shit about the planet and I give a shit that no human being should be made to work in terrible conditions and be paid unfair wages for my ease or benefit. It gives me great pride to take action against utilising cheap and easy product at the cost of the destruction of our planet or the expense of another person’s misery. You can carry forward this sense of pride when you choose to support not just my ethically conscious company, but others too.

Brimstone Jewellery utilises:

  • Recycled & reclaimed silver and gold that is refined in Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Alluvial gold mined in New Zealand, and a small percentage of Australian mined gold and silver when there isn’t enough recycled metal in stock.
  • Metal gathered and refined from repurposed heirloom jewellery
  • All gemstones and conflict free diamonds purchased for setting in my pieces undergo research and sourcing from my suppliers, so that they can give me a satisfactory run down of supply chain / stone origin and sourcing process.

Recycling silver & gold (and other precious metals)

The beauty of gold and silver recycling is that it does not lead to degradation in quality. Put in other words, the gold that was mined thousands of years back is just as good as that mined yesterday. It is possible to recycle silver and gold and repurpose it without requiring any new mining.

Recycling of precious metals or any other metal for that matter has many benefits. This includes cheaper products, less degradation of environment and production of less toxic wastes to the environment.

Benefits of gold & silver recycling

It protects the environment.
Today, much gold is mined using open-pit methods. The methods involve excavating as well as blasting huge holes on the surface of the earth. Surprisingly, only 10g of gold can be obtained from one tonne of rock. This means that the potential for environmental degradation is massive when gold is open-pit mined and not recycled.

No toxic substances.
Using cyanide in gold mining is a big cause for worry for the planet. This is because the compound is highly toxic not just to animals but humans alike. Recycling does not need any of cyanide, which means there is less toxic substances to people and wildlife.